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Green Embroidery Kit # 1101GR

Famore Embroidery kits make for a great gift for a friend, family member or for yourself. The light weight durable zipper pouch is easy to store and travel with. 

Each tool in the kit have been hand selected by expert in embroidery creating an essential bundle of quality tools to tackle most embroidery projects.
The Famore kits come in a variety of colors and skins which change periodically to new colors and styles. 
Included in all kits are Famore's top tools for embroidery crafts.
First you get a Micro Tip Scissors great for detail cut work and stick removal (711C).
Next the Mini Duckling Applique Scissor (712MD).
You also get the in the hoop Double Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors (7485P).
We cannot forget the micro serrated snips (738P).
Lastly you get the most versatile tweezer on the market, the Precision Angled Tweezers (507SP).
The best part about these kits is that you save by purchasing the kit vs the items individually and they come already in a travel sized zipper pouch.

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